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TFnet Conduct

There are a handful of basic rules all visitors to TFnet should keep in mind, to keep it a free and stable network; we've worked hard since its inception to put it together, help us keep it a great place to chat!

Be excellent to each other!

This is also often phrased as "If it harms none, do as you like." Paramount to the spirit of the network is to have a good time there while preserving the ability for others to have one with you. Freedom of speech is implicit and absolutely defended, but stepping on others' freedoms isn't part of the deal... so this rule pretty much covers fighting, channel wars, any attempts at channel takeovers, abusive behavior, and the like. Consider this the single rule from which all others can be derived, and act accordingly, and TFnet will always be here for you.

Please, nothing too illegal.

We are mature people running a free-thinking service; by mature and free-thinking, we mean we don't treat adult topics such as violence or sex as magically separate from any other topics, and we don't police the channels on TFnet for content; we most certainly don't log anything or snoop around, because we would be insulted and infuriated if someone were to abuse our trust in that fashion. As far as we're concerned, any who come onto the network and enter any public channel of any nature are in effect stating that they're doing so legally according to their local constabulary and we're off the hook if they lied to us. We also disavow ourselves from anything that anyone does while on our service. That having been said, however, we still don't want to tempt fate (nor lawyers). This means our official policy is that there shall be no warez, no serialz, no cracking, no hacking, no comments about the definition of the word 'hacker' (hi there, Riismo, we mean 'malicious hacking'), no nuking, no flooding, no spamming, no soliciting, no unwarranted advertising, and you can figure out the rest. Keep it fair and don't implicate us in anything that you'd have to go to court over, and we won't send Guido over to your house to break your legs, capice?

No 'bots, no clones, no Jedi mind-tricks.

We mean it on this one; there's nothing that'll get you a faster old-fashioned God-of-Abraham-style kicking-and-banning-and-possibly-calling-your-mother than bringing an unauthorized 'bot or clone onto any channel on the network. If you're lucky, we might even ask what in Hell you're doing with it, and perhaps give time to answer before the kick of the offending 'bot. Now that we've established that, if you have a fairly good reason to bring one on somewhere, by all means ask the TFnet admins, and give a description of the 'bot and why you want it. Bear in mind that we offer the services of the FormBot, so if your channel is especially transform-related or you have need of channel manager services, we may be able to work something for putting it in your channel. In general, don't abuse network resources; we run this as a hobby and a free service.

Be excellent to each other!

It's definitely worth mentioning again. Above all, have fun as part of the TFnet community, and we look forward to having you there!

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