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TFnet History

There's very little to the timeline of the fledgeling TFnet, but as it grows, this page will chronicle its major milestones.

2001.01.08 - TFnet officially created

The three founders of the network, after months of discussion about its potential usefulness, are pushed into action when much of the Undernet IRC Network is brought to its knees by denial-of-service attacks. Efrain Miranda-Klein puts an already-present IRC daemon into the capacity of being the first node of the newly-christened TFnet. The unfinished but already greatly functional QitiBot is brought into early service.

2001.05.16 - Bogotron server changes to Menagerie

Due to technical issues, the IRC daemon on Bogotron crashes out, and Kristy brings up Menagerie in the capacity as primary node. Efrain decides to make the change of server permanent in order to make room on Bogotron for another service, and Menagerie becomes the official primary node of TFnet. After much greatly-appreciated assistance and service, Efrain resigns from position as server administrator, and the QitiBot code assists in development of a new channel 'bot.

2002.08.07 - TFnet adds second node

After much speculation and waiting for broadband to be installed, our second node is established in the UK by Chloe Cresswell. The link goes smoothly (especially compared to previous attempts) due to the use of an updated IRC daemon.

2003.10.03 - TFnet reverts to a single node

Due to a lack of time and resources to maintain the second node, it is taken off the network indefinitely.

2006.10.01 - TFnet returns in Lapinia

The original domain disappears due to a great deal of bizarre political strangeness from the French. (No, seriously.) The service instead becomes the Lapinian Embassy, and TFnet returns after a brief delay, better than ever!

2010.08.24 - TFnet gets colocated

After many years of being hosted off a small business cable line, moves to a nearby colocated server.

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